If I wander with my open eyes through Buenos Aires, it seems to me as if I’d be staying at one of the most dangerous places on earth. The streets are controlled by security cameras – from all the walls and traffic lights they are watching me the whole day and I wonder – who may will sit behind the monitors and watches what’s happening in the city the whole day long? Must be really boring, or? Is there a book available of somebody who is doing this job? In the supermarkets, we are checked by the security staff constantly and on every street corner a policeman is observing the daily life. Some neighborhoods have their own securityguards, who controll the scene out of their little guard houses. If the public space seems to be safe – the private space is more than that. Many people live in apartment buildings, which have their own security guard sitting in the doorway and controlls who can come in and who not. But that is not all – there is one more step of security available – if you have the money. Gated communities are the best places to forget all the bad things on earth – here you are safe like in heaven. Behind big walls you can live in peace and satisfy all your needs. These closed housing estates offer you every wish – shopping and leisure facilities – and you don´t have to go out anymore. For the case you need some variety again – for sure you can find the next big shopping center very close. The gated communities are deprived of the public space, public administration loses here its planning and administrative powers to the private operator of apartment buildings. Particularly critical of the increased social segregation and separation can be seen against the environment, contact with other social groups outside the community is severely limited. In large gated communities, there is the danger of isolation and fixation of the residents in their community, thereby threatening the social cohesion of society as a whole. What will become of citizens and community spirit in the future, even if everyone is himself closest? And where do we control – we are now increasingly paranoid or is the world really become so dangerous? The media and the economy actively help with – by they continue their brainwashing and making people by exaggerated reports fear – that business with the now models of private housing is booming quite wonderful. The Gated communities are not only found in North and South America, in Europe the first residential complexes of this type arise and do so without any marketing difficulties.

How can children participate directly through temporary and experimental interventions in urban space in planning and design processes in their neighborhood? Students of Hafen City University Hamburg tried out and invited children for a week- long “Treehouse – workshop”.

The planned redesign of the park area Rotenhäuser Feld in Hamburg – Wilhelmsburg and the idea of a climbing course led the students Lukas Grellmann, Aleksanders Feltins, Janna Wieland, Hans Vollmer, Petra Wiesbrock, Julian Schülke and Kathrin Dröppelmann form the concept for an summercamp in July 2011.

Ten children developed a prototype of a treehouse, which is constructed and formed by ropes, tubes of the firebrigade and tensionbelts.

The prototype will be modified as a permanent installation in the park in summer 2012.

Download: baumhausdoku